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Find out How to Live Your Life in Authentic Happiness Now!

Why are you so sure the future will bring you authentic happiness?


What will happen tomorrow that is not happening today?



Finally Found! The Exact Definition of Happiness (pop up window)



You can create, find or achieve Authentic Happiness - as anything else in life - providing you know the precise information and understand it enough to be able to apply it in doing the right things.


Understanding the nature of reality and your existence is a must if you truly want to enjoy such emotional state of authentic happiness unless, of course, you believe that you don't exist and you are not real.

Doing the right things is also a must unless, of course, you believe that you don't do things in life but it is life the one doing things to you. If the latter is your case I highly recommend you to close this page and just keep on living a few more years and come back latter. This page will be here patiently waiting for you.


"Providing the right information" for you to know it is my part, "understanding it and doing the right things" is your part.



I'm talking knowledge that will take you to an irresistible and revelatory journey to new layers of reality lying just underneath the surface of your everyday world.


Knowledge based on solid scientific-spiritual and practical framework fully aligned with well known and established Cause and Effect, and many others scientific principles and universal laws.


What knowledge?

  • Find out exactly what authentic happiness really is.

  • Realize how easily authentic happiness comes to you.

  • Notice how fast happiness passes through you.

  • Understand why so quickly it escapes you like water through your fingers, and

  • Discover how simple it is to bring it into being, preserve it and increase it. 


 What actions?

  • Learn what the true essence of authentic happiness is.

  • Find out how easily you can produce it within yourself.

  • Develop the skill to keep it firmly within you.

  • Go on with your life activities with unshakable certainty of your extraordinary power, and

  • Apply the knowledge to whatever is you do in your life and experience the difference in your abilities to solve life's problems, in your clarity of mind, in your new perspective about the nature of reality and have renewed admiration for the beauty of existence.



I can tell you this...

No where else you'll be able to find so precise, so direct, so valuable and so simple scientific explanation - with extraordinary spiritual implications - about the, until now, incoherent, inconclusive, confusing and mostly opinion-based-only, subject called: Happiness.

Some even say "that the surest way to lose happiness is to pursue it directly." Find out how wrong they are!

If you don't believe it, check out what others say happiness is (pop up window) and try to figure out who is right!


Then check: The Exact Definition of Happiness (pop up window)


Why is happiness important?

         "When we are happy, we access parts of our minds that are unavailable to us when we are not happy."  - Bob Nozik, MD

         "A merry heart goes all the day, Your sad tires in a mile-a." - Shakespeare

         "The joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days." - Sirach 30:22

         "The days that make us happy make us wise." - John Masefield

See: The Meaning of Happiness


Numerous studies show that happy individuals are successful across multiple life domains, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance, and health.

Our personal happiness is the main way we evaluate how well our life is going. 

As such, how happy a person feels  is perhaps the single, most important piece of information one can know about a person, for it usually tells the whole story.

Because of this, your happiness should be the most important thing to considering in examining your own life.

But, don't be fooled, by wrong ideas, disguised as great philosophical truths.

You will learn and understand why, regardless happiness' utmost importance that:


Authentic Happiness is NOT the goal or purpose of Life.

Take this as mini lesson #1.


You are already here...


So, I kindly suggest you to use 5 minutes of your life to get familiar with the following 4 pages, and give yourself a chance to find out what is it that I am taking about.

We all know how it "feels" when we are happy but, we don't really know what happiness is. Here you will learn exactly what happiness is.



What is Emotion?

What is Energy?

The Purpose of Life

What is My Life Purpose?


I claim no originality or discovery rights to this knowledge (Except for the Exact Definition of Happiness) for no man has monopoly over wisdom, it belongs to all who wish to reach for it. Humanity has been searching for it since as far back as anyone can remember.

This knowledge was gathered throughout many years from the work and visions of so many others before me. Here, an expression by Isaac Newton applies to me: "If I am able to see further in my life it's because I'm standing on the shoulders of giants."

I welcome you to my web site and I hope you really take time to get familiar with its content.

I'm sure you can do it in much, much less time than the 6 decades it took me to get it.

If you do, your life will never be the same.

You may start by Clicking Here

Thank you for your visit.

Arek Popovich


Don't believe any word I say!


I only speak from my own experiences and my own evaluations, and I don't pretend to own the truth. The concepts, ideas and insights presented in this web site are not inherently right, wrong, true or false. They simply reflect my own biased understanding acquired through many years of sincere effort to comprehend life and myself.


The right question for you to ask is: Is this true for me?


Don't just read the material.  Pay attention to it as if your life depended on it and evaluate sincerely with your own understanding and honestly try the ideas out. Whatever works for you, good. Whatever doesn't, just ignore it.


If something doesn't feel right, set it aside temporarily and think for a moment why you believe what you believe and compare both concepts with an open mind.  You may uncover a few surprises.


I strongly believe that if you apply the ideas to your life you will also experience amazing results.



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Main Table of Contents

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Finding Happiness - The Road Map
Finding Happiness - Once you understand exactly what really happiness is, you will be delightedly surprised to see that happiness is, and has always been, right at your finger tips!

Definition of Happiness
What is Happiness? - Finally Found! - The exact scientific definition of Happiness as conscious subjective experience of an emotion,

What is Emotion? - What role does emotion play?
What is Emotion? - What role does emotion play? - Emotions can be accurately considered to be the thrust, the drive, the vitality of the energy of life.

Definition of Energy - Forms of Energy
Definition of Energy - Energy and reality are inseparable as well as indistinguishable. Reality, existence and energy are synonymous.

The Purpose of Life
The purpose of Life is the eternal creation and expansion of new realities and experiences - and so its Yours.

The Science of Happiness
The Science of Happiness studies energy expressed as emotion and feeling of Happiness and all that derives from the nature of this energy and force.

The Meaning of Happiness
What is the Meaning of Happiness?, What are the significant qualities, intentions, implications and significance of happiness in our lives?

The Psychology of Happiness
The Psychology of Happiness studies the mental and behavioral characteristics of an individual in relation to his sense of emotional well-being or feeling of happiness.

The Failure of Psychology
The failure of Psychology: When are they going to give us back the heart, soul and consciousness of our being and stop considering us just a bio-physical collection of interlocking material parts?

Keys to Happiness - Is there any?
Are there any keys to happiness, any happiness principle, any secret to happiness? Yes! And we can know all about it!

Achieving Happiness
Achieving Happiness? - No, happiness is a tool and resource for achievement, not something to achieve.

What is My Life Purpose?
My life purpose and your life purpose is the constant creation and expansion of new realities and experiences.

List of Emotions - Human Emotional Chart
This list of emotions, or human emotional scale, plots the descending spiral of life from full vitality of the energy of life down to death.

Quotes on Happiness
Quotes on happiness: There are many answers for what happiness is. Many of them are surprisingly unclear and ill-defined.

Happiness Jokes & Cartoons
Happiness can also be funny! - Some jokes and cartoons about happiness.

Contact Me
Ask any questions or send me a message. - I enjoy hearing from you.

Who Am I?
If you want to know a it about me you'll find some information here.

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